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Structural Drying & Dehumidification

After the water is gone what remains are building materials that with out proper treatment the only option will be to remove and replace them. At Proteck we use the latest technology to remove moisture from building materials. The simple science is to create weather where you need it. By using dehumidification and high volume blowers we can create “low Pressure” in your home or place of work. Once the air is dry the moisture in the building materials “the High pressure area” will migrate into the low pressure area. This equalization process is repeated while the dehumidifiers collect the water out of the moist air condense it and return it to the structure's drain system or other point of collection. This reduces the potential for microbial growth and can save a wide array of building materials.

  • Quicker drying time - most cases in 3 days.
  • Quicker claim closure time due to less reconstruction requirements.
  • Property occupants quickly returning to regular routine.
  • Lower claim costs due to:
    • Non-destructive drying processes.
    • Mould prevention steps used during every loss.
    • Trained personnel deal efficiently with all aspects of your water related loss, to get your world back together.

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