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Mould Management
Mould is everywhere.¬† We don’t mind it so much when it’s in our yogurt or our cheese or even inside us when it’s prescribed. But when we find it in our homes and places of work it can take on a more sinister feeling.¬† With Proteck we take a twofold approach to microbial concerns because like any health concern there are two parts. First the cause, we work with our team to identify the source of the contamination. If we do not identify the source of the mould then our cure would be nothing more than a Band-Aid and at Proteck we offer solutions. After identifying the cause and ensuring a satisfactory solution has been put in place we can use both traditional means of removal, as well as the use of our C02 cleaning technology¬† to remove microbial contamination to return your home or place of work or education to the state it should be.


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